What I Offer

Most people come to me because they’ve heard about the benefits of a Whole Foods Plant-Based diet, and:

  • The ability to lower disease risk or even reverse certain diseases
  • Folks simply want a sustainable way to lose and keep weight off
  • They have heard about the energy boost and decrease in aches and pains that generally occurs within two weeks
  • Some want to up their game and athletic edge in their chosen sport

Are you one of them?  Have you been doing it to the best of your ability – But, perhaps you’re not getting the results for which you hoped? No doubt about it, there’s a whole bunch of conflicting information about good nutrition, and there are many different reasons for that.

What is Nutrition Coaching?

Unless you have lots of extra time to do your own research, it can be thoroughly confusing! Not only that, there are sometimes challenges that people encounter in making the transition. The route to getting over those hurdles is why I developed my Rapid Path to Optimal Health Program.

It helps folks get through and overcome the typical obstacles of making a Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet an easy and enjoyable lifestyle. It covers the areas listed below – oh, and one more thing: It’s all based on the preponderance of scientific evidence, not just one or two industry-funded studies.


Here’s what is included in my programs. You decide the speed at which you’d like to go through the sessions; enjoy a group setting or select one-on-one private guidance.

        • Have total Clarity on the Foods that are Health Promoting and disease creating ones to avoid Imagine, having total clarity of what is healthy to eat, that which enhances your energy, weight and brings you the lowest risk factors for disease and ill health!  It’s all based on sound scientific research.
        • Know why the first 21 days are so important and will help propel you toward success. Common hurdles appear initially. Having knowledge + a support system ensures you stay on a positive track and see results in as little as 3-7 days.
        •  Set up Your Kitchen for Victory! Discover what and how to stock your Pantry and Fridge whether you live alone or with a bunch of folks! This module helps keep you on the path to feeling invigorating benefits sooner than later.
        • Eliminate the confusion of reading nutritional labels. Cut through the Hieroglyphics that food manufacturers use to keep us confused. In 30 seconds or less, know whether to buy that packaged food product or not.
        • How to eat healthy while traveling: Get Tips, Lists, and “How-to” hacks for keeping on track whether you are driving cross country or traveling by air while in transit and at hotels.
        • Bonuses –
          • Building a Strong and Wise Immune System 
          • Maximum Weight Loss