Donna L. –

Kathryn Salm’s nutritional therapy program is thorough and highly effective for preventing and reversing potentially deadly chronic health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, digestive disorders, cancers, and many auto-immune disorders such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Kathryn is a passionate and dedicated professional who has helped many people escape the pain and suffering of chronic diseases.

Jana J. –

I’m so glad I found Kathy to come alongside me on the journey to plant-based living. Not only is she a wealth of information with useful resources and recipes at her fingertips, she’s also compassionate and thinks outside the box. She treated me as an individual in customizing her recommendations to my health needs and making sure it was attainable for my season of life as a working mother of two small children. I’m so pleased to report that my cholesterol was reduced from 247 to 165!

Micheal C. –

Today I finally heard my favorite two words: Cancer Free! After my 6 month check in November they found more cancer. They scheduled a biopsy in December but could not find the mass. They rescheduled my PET scan for today. It came back clean.
The Doctor was glad but confused as to where it went. I told him I was working with a Nutritional Therapist, (Kathy) and eating a Whole food, plant-based diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, no meat, dairy, cheese, sugar, oil or salt.
I aim to keep the cancer cells turned off. Thank you for your help and guidance. Cheers, Micheal

Myristica A. –

I gained 2 pounds a year for about 15 years. I couldn’t lose weight and am not a calorie counter. Kathy’s advice, nutrition knowledge, and encouragement made it possible for me to lose pounds—effortlessly, except the effort it took to change my thinking and begin eating different foods. I’d been trying, half-heartedly, on and off, to lose weight for over 20 years (I’d plateaued in weight gain after I put on 30 pounds).
I started with walking my dogs twice a day. Didn’t lose an ounce. Then I began other good practices over the years: sugar reduction, avoiding partially hydrogenated oil, and consuming more salads. Zero weight loss. Then the Adkins diet. After two weeks of eating meat, cheese, eggs, and a few veggies, I lost only 11 pounds but felt bloated and like I’d lost no weight. Three years later, those 11 pounds had crept back on.
I met Kathy. She was non-judgmental about my then current diet (still lots of meat and full-fat dairy). She suggested eating more whole foods, emphasize plant-based, and reduce fat intake/oil use. Over the next two years, having taken her advice, I began losing a pound a month. I did nothing else and the weight just went away. I began intermittent fasting, every day, a year later, and that has also helped. I’ve lost 21 pounds and only have 9 more to go. I’m confident that with Kathy’s continued encouragement, those pounds will also simply melt away.
This process has been steady. It feels wonderful and I never would have believed it could happen had I not experienced the difference when I shifted my focus to eating whole food, plant-based, and reducing my fat and oil consumption.. My results from reducing fat and oil are undeniable: I’ve effortlessly lost the pounds, kept them off, and experienced other individual health benefits. Listen to Kathy!

Wes C. –

Hi. I have a story to tell about my partner who recently had lung cancer and how she was aided in her recovery by Kathy’s guidance as to how to correctly eat a plant-based diet. My partner was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer and was told she had a 30% chance of survivability. Right away we began the plant-based diets together. She then went on to have chemo, radiation and surgery. Her recovery the doctor said, was remarkable in that she is considered in the top 10% of people who are treated for Stage 3 cancer. She’s cancer-free.
We believe the plant-based diet had a great deal to do with that. She’s continuing on that diet today and she’s still cancer-free. We went to different surgeons and doctors who reviewed the test results. We went to Moffitt in Tampa, Florida. We went to MD Anderson in Orlando. We went to two different surgeons in Jupiter and West Palm Beach, Florida, who all reviewed the results. And each of them said her response was remarkable. And so I highly recommend the instruction and materials I’ve gotten from Kathy regarding the different diets and how they can affect your health.

Beth W. – Massage Therapist

Kathryn went out of her way and acted fast to help my friend with cancer. She is very knowledgeable and resourceful, as well as having a genuine caring personality!

T. Kearns –

I’m more than happy to do this review. Mostly because it just may help some people, like Kathy helped me. I’m athletic and thin but had elevated cholesterol inherited from my mom and my doctor had been mentioning the possibility of statin drugs in the near future. For the previous 15 years before meeting Kathy my cholesterol averaged 223 and was never below the 200 threshold. I tried for years to learn how to control my cholesterol through exercise and eating much more fish, chicken, salads, vegetables and fruit. Nothing I did made a difference.
Kathy educated me about a plant based diet. The materials she referred to me to made a lot of sense. And since having a graduate degree in finance from U.C. Berkeley and a career mostly entailing researching and analyzing I was intrigued to try plant based. Within two or three weeks I felt 30 years younger. Almost all of my aches and pains in my then 60 year old body disappeared due to the elimination of inflammation caused by eating animal protein.
I Had a blood test after a few months and my cholesterol was 172 – a second blood test a few months later and my cholesterol was 147. It is great to know that I can easily control my cholesterol and will never have to go on statin drugs. Also great to know that I have enormously reduced my chances of getting heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, obesity, arthritis and many other conditions. If you want to potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars or more on future medical bills talk to Kathy.

Ed G. – Atty Reverses Severe Pain & Inflammation

James T. – Transformation

….The big thing was, I was in the type two diabetes zone, my blood pressure was outrageous, and I had so many other problems. I had psoriasis on my scalp, constant ear infections to the point where I couldn’t hear in my left ear, sinus infections. I had gastric reflux, arthritis in my hands, ankles, especially in my hips, and many other problems. I was fat; I mean seriously overweight. The doctor wanted me to lose at least 50 pounds…..

With Kathy’s general tutelage, her general accountability, all the information she gave me, and the things she taught me, I just started shedding pounds like crazy.

Pretty much all the problems have gone away. My blood pressure this morning was 115 over 75. My type two diabetes results, the most recent ones, my A1C was 4.3!

The type two diabetes was gone; I couldn’t believe it. Psoriasis is gone. I haven’t had an ear infection, a sinus infection, not even so much as a cold since I started this program. I’m exercising every day, and I love it.

My whole life has changed, and I can’t see living any other way. Call Kathy; It’s such a great thing, you’ll never regret it.